The new Canon camera every photographer is talking about

Updated on May 8 2016

In a world where Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook dominate, there’s never been such a demand for high quality photos. As we become more obsessed with having the best pictures (and most likes), everyone including professional bloggers are using DSLR cameras to get that #winning shot before uploading it on social.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to low lighting or capturing the split second of the motion or stunning views from your latest hike, an iPhone just doesn’t cut it, which is why we’re so excited about the recent launch of Canon’s new flagship EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera.

The new Canon camera every photographer is talking about
The camera is able to take incredibly vivid and sharp photos of the world around you.

This monster of a camera was recently unveiled at a seminar preview session in Hong Kong with widely-acclaimed photographers Andy Rouse, Simon Bruty and Mo Ming. Canon’s 1D series cameras have long been the choice of camera for professional photographers and much like its predecessors, the new EOS-1D X Mark II is built with the most advanced technology among the EOS cameras. It’s ready to take on even the harshest of conditions (read: weather) and has an incredibly long battery life.

The new Canon camera every photographer is talking about
Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse and his works at the Canon event in Hong Kong.

Professional aviation and wildlife photographer from UK, Andy Rouse, was most impressed with the high ISO performance, great detail of the photos, as well as the video recording: “The video is amazing — the 4K 60 frames per second video recording and the “frame grab” function allows me to take stills [while shooting].”

Similarly, sports photographer Simon Bruty loves how the new EOS-1D X Mark II helps him take better photographers of sports action. “My first impression with the new camera is that I was wowed by the buffer — a 170 RAW file buffer … You can also have peace of mind when you’re using high ISOs with the noise control,” said Bruty. “These things are very important to a sports photographer. That’s the reason why I need it.” “

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Director of photography and the Canon Pro Ambassador, Mo Ming loved how the camera performed in a dark environment with the auto focus while shooting video (check out the video here) and the fact that the camera can be connected to Wi-Fi for video remote shooting. He also liked the 4K 60p and FHD 120p features that allow him to create high quality slow motion footage.

Indeed, the new camera is one of the most well-rounded DSLR out there at the moment with an incredibly fast and accurate autofocus system (both while taking pictures and shooting video), 14 frames a second continuous shooting and killer ISO and low light performance.

Not convinced? Two other Canon Pro Ambassadors, Brian Ching and Thomas Lam, also had the chance to test the EOS-1D X II and captured some stunning photos of Hong Kong Windsurfing team and the Barcelona F1 Pre-Seasons Test. 

The new Canon camera every photographer is talking about
An action shot of windsurfers in Hong Kong. (Photo by: Brian Ching)

Ching usually finds that it’s a challenge for a camera’s AF system to shoot windsurfers who are drifting in a speed up to 50 kilometres per hour from a distance while he needs to press the shutter on boat with 400mm range lens. With the EOS-1D X II, Ching was amazed with the reliable AF system that resulted in more than 90 percent of his photos coming out sharp and in focus.

He was also very satisfied with the great dynamic range of the camera which enables him to retouch the photos more easily and create works with marvellous detail.

The new Canon camera every photographer is talking about
The Barcelona F1 Pre-Seasons Test. (Photo by: Thomas Lam)

With the 1200mm shooting range, the world of F1 can be captured in an extraordinary way. With the help of the AF system and how all 61 AF points support f/8 lens combination, Thomas Lam was able to capture beautiful photos within two seconds at the Barcelona F1 Pre-Seasons test — from spotting the car, to framing the shot and pressing the shutter all while the car was speeding at 300 kilometres per hour. His photos also demonstrate the capability of the colour resolution of the new CMOS sensor.

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