10 Hong Kong fashionistas to follow on Instagram

Updated on January 30 2014

Stuck in a style rut and need some inspiration? Look no further than these top 10 Hong Kong fashionistas on Instagram, who give us daily reasons to revamp, remix and have fun with our wardrobes.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger APairandaSpare
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 49,177

Queen of DIY (do-it-yourself) Geneva Vanderzeil has been blogging about DIY fashion, home projects, style and travel for over four years, and has even published a book in 2012 called ‘DIY Fashionista’. Get inspired by her many DIY projects and you might just learn a thing or two.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Tina Leung 1
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 15,815

With her trademark half-shaved hairstyle, fierce fashion stylist and blogger Tina Leung serves up copious amounts of selfies in between jaunts to Hong Kong (and the world’s) biggest fashion events. She’s also the official Instagrammer for @LandmarkHK — reporting live from the runways in Paris, London and Milan and giving us glimpses of her exciting life in and around Asia.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Cindy Ko
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 12,670

Cindy Ko is one of Hong Kong’s original fashion bloggers and has since turned Cindiddy (CDD for short) into a bonafide brand. Besides collaborations with fashion brands, she’s launched her own line of ‘Noble Nobody’ products and started covering food earlier this year (fashionably, of course).


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Joey Ma
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 12,605

Love him or hate him, Joey Ma is making waves in the Hong Kong fashion world. With his trademark long hair and (some might say) crazy outfits, it’s all about individuality for this punk rock and Vivienne Westwood-inspired fashionista.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Veronica Li
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 6,317

Sweet and smiley, Veronica Li is a fresh-faced fashion stylist and blogger who’s lived in Vancouver and Japan before returning to her hometown of Hong Kong. Besides posting about style, she’s got a good eye for beauty and lifestyle too — often posting DIY inspirations and styling tips for her many fans.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Elle Lee
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 5,968

Former model Elle Lee was born in Shanghai, raised in London and now works in Hong Kong as one of the city’s few bilingual fashion bloggers. Proving she’s more than just a pretty face, Elle is also a social media expert who goes from A-list fashion events to scarfing down homemade goodies at the neighborhood market.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Christing Chang
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 5,796

Fashion blogger Christing Chang of Fashion Hedonism sure knows how to work her angles, and is best known for her quirky head-tilt and look-away pose. Her casual yet cool style is best described as beachy Bohemian-chic with a bit of glam mixed in.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Janice Lee
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 5,444

Founder of local language fashion site Popbee Janice Lee gives us a glimpse of her charmed life through Instagram, capturing fashion, food and everything in between. With her lady-like and elegant style, it’s easy to get inspired by the so-called ‘Queen of the Web’.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger JJ Acuna The Wanderlister
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 3,528

Architect by day and fashion blogger by night, JJ Acuna reports on the latest in design, art, lifestyle and travel throughout Southeast Asia. Style staples for this dapper gent include blazers, loafers, a good pair of glasses and pocket squares.


Hong Kong Fashion Blogger Sabrina Sikora
Photo credit: Instagram.

Followers: 1,391

Former fashion model Sabrina Sikora is representin’ for all the tall girls out there. This gorgeous lady is equally skilled in front of and behind the camera, shooting for various publications around town, blogging about style and making pretty much anything look good on her tall and slender frame.

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